Home Staging with Street Photography

Many vendors trying to sell a property try to just strip it back so the purchaser can see the bones and imagine their stuff in there.  For some properties it works, for others you need a little imagination and a lifestyle comment.
By lifestyle comment, I mean, make Buyers feel their lives will be enhanced by buying the home.  It’s well known that if you put in a high end mixer, toaster and coffee machine Buyers imagine baking artisan creations and siping extravagant coffees at the weekend. (Yes, these are all removable items)

Way back in my house buying past I bought an unloved basement flat, it had sat on the market for months, steadily being reduced in price. I put in a cheeky offer and got it.  I sold it six weeks later making £30k profit.  

How? You ask.  By home staging it. I painted it white, removed the dark curtains, put up floaty white voiles and slapped down a cheap wooden floor down. I then staged it to an inch into its life, I put in some simple, but stylish furniture (which I had already) playfully discarded a pair of Gucci loafers in to the corner of the room with some polo mallets.  On the fireplace mantle I wrote out fake dinner party invitations.  I created a lifestyle comment the Buyers lapped up, a bottle of champagne and glasses were staged on the kitchen counter, next to the espresso maker .

On the walks I created a gallery of artistic photographs in groups of uniform clusters.  With £100 of cheap IKEA frames (the variety with mounts) and a colour printer (Thank you work) I created an interesting gallery of images.  To do the same create a uniform clusters of 4, 6 or 8 frames, making sure the room has balance, hallways are always brightened up with a cluster.

The following images are ideal for home staging gigs, they were taken in a day while on a break to Paris.  By fiddling around with your camera settings it’s amazing the quality of pictures you can take and what different styles you can create. Street photography is all the rage at the moment, creating something unique can give your Buyers inspiration and the feeling their lives will be wonderful and fulfilling. 


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