New year, new…


“New year, new me,” is the mantra of many.   As an estate agent, we hear this frequently.

On just the first day back at work, in 2017, the phones were ringing off the hook.  Husbands who’ve been flung out by their wives, after too long together over Christmas, are now looking for furnished apartments while they regroup their thoughts and finances.   Mature couples deciding to sell the family house and downsize, with thoughts of spending the kids inheritance, mainly due to being largely ignored by their adult children and coining out hundreds for computer games and technology for the ungrateful grandchildren.

The standard rental property tyre kickers have to be wheedled out, “we’re just looking,” and “want to see what’s out there.”  However when questioned further, they’re looking for the Summer time, perhaps 2018, and have no intention of moving in the foreseeable future.

I see lots of couples who’ve formed relationships over one Prosecco too many  on New Years Eve, however it’ll be surprising if the relationship lasts long enough for the credit check, let along the full length of the tenancy!


Needless to say, life for a Cheshire estate agent is very busy in January (well, most the time really).  In my little pocket of Cheshire, around Nantwich, it’s compounded more with the announcement of HS2.  The phone line and emails have been red hot from London buyers.

Londoners are panting at the bit for the huge country houses they can snatch up for the price of a damp infested terraced home in the arse end of London with only slum estate schools nearby for their kids to go to.  When HS2 is plumbed in,  the commute from Cheshire to Central London will be less than it currently is from zone 3 in London!  Also, the state schools in South Cheshire have excellent academic records, so the cost of one term at a decent private day school will cover the cost of a year long season ticket.  It’s a win win all round.


Overall, “New Year. New Targets.” is the reality of the property game, landlords will be crying in April, when they shoulder the burden of the tax cost of their buy to let investments.  Some have started to try and sell them, however this is another challenge. Selling a property with tenants in them, is a totally different game to a house proud vendor preparing a hous for viewings.  But I’ll leave that for another post…  The phone is ringing and viewings to do.  Happy New Year folks, rising my cheap mug of coffee to the property world of 2017.



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