Top Tips – Selling your property

What Properties are Actually Selling in Chester?

Show don’t tell

Let your estate agent do the selling.  If you do insist on being there at the viewing, don’t hover around and follow the viewers from room to room, let them absorb the aesthetic and space your home has to offer.  Be at hand to answer questions helpfully.  You don’t want to come across as a used car dealer, who would buy off someone like Arthur Daley!

First Impressions Count

When your estate agent says de-clutter.  This does not just mean take the magnetic letters off your fridge door.  This means a full clean, no junk behind the sofa, if you’ve got a broken down car that was a project long abandoned on the drive, get rid of it.  The same goes for rusty bikes and broken swing sets, tip them.  Make your house look like the best on the street, think curb appeal outside, but also make it reflect it inside.  You may well be moving and be boxing up your home, do it in a methodical manner, certain allowances can be made, however make sure the aesthetic your home portrays is welcoming and not the last breaths of a church jumble sale.

DIY jobs

Unless you are selling a full renovation project, make sure those little jobs are sorted, that sticking door sanded down, the loose door knob tightened.  Those little decorating jobs need to be addressed and completed.  If you don’t you could well be saying fairwell to a a few thousand off the asking price.


Functional Kitchens

You may well be a home baker, with every mixer, bowl and accessory featured on Great British Bake Off, and you’re moving because your current kitchen is too small.  Clear away all your (non counter top appliances, make your kitchen look as best it can, enough character for someone to feel they could create a gastronomic delight (or just a microwave meal)  Above all, keep it clean, no sinks full of washing up and used laundry queuing up for a ride in the washing machine.


Clean Bathrooms

This room has to be cleaner than clean, replace the dis-coloured shower curtain, make sure any loose tiles are fixed in place, grouting is fresh and sealant is clean and tidy.  Ensure it smells fresh, open a window and air it regularly.  A dingy bathroom can put a purchaser off a property completely.  Needless to say, keep tooth brushes and domestic grooming accessories tidied away.


Tidy Bedrooms

Rule number one of bedrooms, make the bed!  Put on the most neutral of bed linen, you can’t go wrong with white.  Make sure all clothes are put away and no dirty laundry on the floor.

With children’s bedrooms, make a game of tidy up (channel your inner Mary Poppins), toys are expected in a kids room, however not all over the floor.  Also before you put the property on the market, decorate the walls and get rid of murals, and limit the amount of posters on the wall.  Think of a countdown calculator when you look at each room that needs to be de-personalised, the numbers go down with each room than needs work, it’s your job to limit those reducing numbers on an offer that will be submitted.


Price matters, it’s the estate agents job to get as much for the property as possible. Many vendors put a huge expectancy on the property value, however, if you over price a property, it won’t sell.

Sure, try a bullish figure for the first 2 weeks, but if there’s no activity drop the price.  Switching from one agent to an other agent and keeping the same price is just silly and overwhelmingly unproductive.  A house will sell quickly if the price is competitive, if the price is too high it won’t sell.  That’s the reality of the situation.


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