Diary of a Cheshire Estate Agent


While Trump avoids being Presidential on the other side of the pond, the life of a Cheshire estate agent continues.  The second week of January for this Cheshire estate agent has been non-stop in the lettings’ market, we’ve have emotional outbursts from tearful newly single male viewers who suddenly realise renting a property a quarter of the size of what they’ve come from is about double the budget for what they were paying for a mortgage.

Divorce Just Ahead Sign

We’ll soon have the phone ringing for the marital homes going on the market with the  newly separated wanting a 4 bedroom house with en-suite, dressing room and not far where they currently live  for the equivalent price of a one bed flat or a two bedroom static caravan. Expectations are high and the cold reality flat lines this.  If only we had a time machine to go back to the time where the budgets met with expectations, however Doctor Who seems to have the sole use of the Tardis!


Let only landlords have reported sudden departure of tenants from properties who’ve moved without telling anyone.  The tenants have said they thought a fixed term contract was a ‘guideline’ and not totally set in stone, and now complain when they discover they’re still responsible for rent and bills.  I am always surprised when this situation arises.  It’s amazing how many tenants know their rights and are happy to lecture us about this, but when it’s on the other foot it’s a total stand back in amazement look.


Instructions are on the up, in the letting side of things.  Landlords are shifting agents for properties that have stood empty throughout December, you realise very quickly why properties have switched from one agent to another agent when you see the standard of some properties.  Some landlords need to come away from the comments ‘It’s only for a tenant’, if someone is paying nearly £1000per month for a home, they want something they want to be proud off.  It may be legal and be water tight, however brown swirly carpet and multiple layers of painted wood-chip isn’t the specific requirement for most tenants looking for a home.  Although we’re in Cheshire, and not London, where renting something a little larger than a cupboard next to a tube stop costs 60% of your take home salary, we’re slowly catching up.  Desirable areas get desirable price tags, and if you’ve got someone paying the rent, they really do want to see something for their money.

In other news, the office is a hotbed of visiting colds, sneezes and hacking coughs (it feels as though we’re an extension of an NHS waiting room) we’re dosing ourselves up with vitamin C and wrapping up warm to carry out viewings in the freezing winds and the soon to be predicted snow falls.



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