Cheshire Estate Agents Diary


For this Cheshire estate agent, January has been bonkers busy!  Listing letting properties is up.  In this vibrant Nantwich town, home owners are choosing to keep their property and let it out rather than sell.  The allure of rapid price increases with the upcoming HS2 train link is causing this, plus the healthy return.

It’s unfortunate for renters, this is an everyday conversation on the phone from prospective tenants.

“I’m looking for three double bedrooms, two reception rooms and a fitted kitchen.  It must have a garden, driveway and ideally a garage.  What’ve you got?”

“What’s your price range?”

Then follows statement like “That doesn’t matter,” “I don’t have a particular budget.” or the ultimate statement “So long as it’s the right property, we’ll find the budget.”

I then go through some choice properties, in the desired location and sell the advantages, they get all excited over Smeg kitchen appliances and Farrow & Ball paintwork, then ask “How much?”

This is when the phone goes very quiet when the four figure rental figure is given.  A sharp intake of breath follows, then in barely a whisper they ask what I have for nearly half that rental figure, the aspirational tenants never seem to be as enthusiastic for properties (in their budget) with magnolia painted wood-chip walls and a kitchen that would have been aspiration for Fanny Craddock in the 1970s.

Hot properties this week are country piles, anything with large gardens, a bit of land or some outbuildings.  I’ve got a queue of tenants ready to throw money at me, I put a large house on the market last week, it’s just outside Nantwich in a little village hamlet called Hough.  Private gated entry, secluded position and around an acre of a walled garden with a pond and surrounded by forest.  I loaded it up on the property portals and within minutes the phone was ringing and the email inbox was filling up.


Needless to say I achieved asking price and have a fair few disappointed tenants, who are clamoring for a similar property.


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