Diary of a Cheshire Estate Agent


Viewer on the telephone – “We’re just leaving now.”

Me – “The viewing was ten minutes ago.”

Viewer – “I know but the traffic is bad.”

Me – “But you’ve just said you are just leaving now…”

Viewer – “Ummm…”

This was a conversation with a viewer last week.  Needless to say, the viewing didn’t happen and it’s unlikely to result in any re-booking with these particular viewers any time soon.


Behavior patterns with clients can be a  warning sign on how a deal will progress.  If they act like entitled princesses looking for a castle with the budget for a bedsit, you know there are going to be more bumps in a transaction than a pea under a mattress.

On the lettings side of things, if you have to carry out double digit viewings with one viewer while they find a property that meets their standards, the chances are that property will never exist.   When a lettings viewer takes longer than property buyer viewing, you have to start training the future tenant in the ways of lettings.

There are two distinct camps of viewers.

  1. The ones that want something their budget does not stretch too.  Once they’ve seen what they can afford they either have to increase their budget or look at cheaper areas.  Sometimes, especially if they keep looking for that golden goose and booking multiple viewings of properties beyond their budget and repeatedly offering way below the asking price, we have to politely manage them off our client lists.
  2. The realistic viewers, who know what they want, where they want it, and the moment something comes on will drop everything to get around it, or just take the property sight unseen.  Tenancies taken sight unseen always create an uneasiness but at least it shows commitment.

Working on the letting side of the property industry is quick and speedy; not like sales, the sales side means hanging on for lots of other people to do work (mortgage brokers, surveyors, solicitors and banks. Then other estate agents up and down the property chain).

Lettings involves just referencing, inventory, signing tenancy and give them the keys.   The process is quick, simple and straightforward, or it should be.  If a potential tenant is slow and unresponsive a warning klaxon goes off, if information isn’t being provided then is there something to hide?

For almost every letting property we have in our Cheshire town we have a queue of tenants circling to swoop down onto an available property.  Rents are steadily increasing, the current demographic of tenants are moving into the area with work.  The big technology companies and Bentley are the big employers bringing high net worth households into the region.  Unfortunately with the new affluent tenants the local people are being steadily squeezed out of the local market.  This is something very common across the country, but it does keep us estate agents in profit.


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